When might I need a crane?

Cranes have a very long history in construction and different records indicate that the Greeks invented the first crane in 515 BC. We can use them in different sectors of the industry like construction, material loading, and shipbuilding. You can easily lift and move, machines, materials, and goods by using a crane. Many constructors hire a crane instead of buying it. The reason behind it is that cranes are very expensive. They simply hire a crane when it is necessary. You can also hire a crane by searching crane hire Peterborough on the internet. To help you choose the right machine for your work we will discuss different types of cranes and their uses.

1. Mobile cranes

Mobile cranes have greater mobility as compared to standard cranes because they have tires and crawlers on them. Due to this reason, you can easily drive them on the highway. You can easily navigate them around job sites and carry heavy items. Mobiles cranes have become a very popular addition to many construction projects. Mobile cranes also have different types.

Carry deck crane

The carry deck crane is the most portable one among all of the cranes. It can rotate up to 360 degrees; they are very small in size and have four wheels. It is very simple to set up a carry deck crane and due to their small size, you can easily navigate them through small spaces.

Floating crane

You can imagine the use of this crane from its name. A floating crane is used in different projects at sea. With the help of continuous technological advancements in this crane, we now often use it in the construction of ports and bridges. It plays an important part in loading and unloading heavy items from ships.

Rough terrain cranes

You can use a rough terrain crane to pick and carry different operations off-road. To increase the stability of this crane telescopic booms and outriggers are fitted in it. Rough terrain cranes have four rubber tires and typically have four-wheel drive.

2. Fixed cranes

Unlike mobile cranes, fixed cranes cannot move because they are fixed in one spot or location. The advantage of a fixed crane is that it can reach very great heights and lift heavier loads. The only thing that this crane lacks is mobility. Now we will further discuss its types.

Hammerhead crane

The crane which is mostly used in the construction project is the hammerhead. This crane is very reliable in handling different heavy materials. We can also consider it as the queen of tower cranes. This crane has a horizontal lever that rests on a fixed tower. The feature of racking allows the trolley to move forward and back horizontally. You can only assemble it at the job site.

Stacker crane

You can automatically store goods by using a stacker crane. To move goods, materials, and other equipment around a warehouse you can use a stacker crane. You can also use a stacker crane in different special working conditions like extremely cold temperatures where a human cannot work.